The following is a selection of some of the websites I used in researching and planning for the trip.  Forgive the briefness of the descriptions and any inactive links.



I. Charitable

1. - This is what I’m working for
2.  - The American Cancer Society
3. - A site that encourages involvement


II.  Travelogues – Many of these sites have further links to other travelogues

1. - The story of a couple's trip across the States using the TransAmerica trail, good journals and photos
2. - A collection of links to other travelogues, especially some related to the TransAmerica trail, each site has information on a variety of subjects.  Also a great site with respect to other links.
3. - This was the first good site I checked out on a trip across the States using the TransAmerican trail, includes journals and travelogues

4. - A huge selection of travelogues

5. - His journal has a nice collection of photos along the Trans-Am trail

6.  - Only a few links to travel logs, the cross-country one is solid

7. - Trip following Adventure Cycling’s Southern Tier route

8. - Nice selection of photos and assorted travel information

9. - Worldwide travels

10.  - A bicycle trip following Lewis & Clark

11. - A group of from California that followed Lewis and Clark trail during the summer of 2002


III.  Inspirational Reading and Advice

1. - Gear guide, trips, broad array of information
2. - Words of wisdom from someone who has traveled long-distance on a bicycle

3. - Some sound inspirational advice and tips

4. - More tips on what gear to use etc.

6.  - Good site with lots of general information

                a. - Weight training for cycling


IV.  Equipment Lists (for obvious reasons there is a good deal of repetition)





8. - a good Internet search source for bicycling equipment

V.  Links to links

1. - This is where it all starts.  A great organization with all the maps and basic information on bike touring and actual trips

2. - Lots of links for advocacy groups, tours, bicycle manufacturers and part’s suppliers
3. - Mostly links to other travelogues but some other useful links are noted

4. - A very sizeable source of links on a variety of subjects

5. - Links to a large assortment of travelogues
6. - Links to books and a couple of retailers
7. - Travelogues and biking resources

8.  -Bicycling clubs and organizations

9. - A variety of links to tours, bike parts, other links etc.

10. - Extremely comprehensive list to a variety of subjects including books, routes, accommodations, classifieds, and bicycle parts etc.

11. - Great link to company with gear and bikes etc.  
12. - Some of everything, a list of links, journals etc.

13. - Internet Search Site for things related to bicycles

14. - An extensive list of links on touring, articles, bikes etc.

15. - Lots of links on advocacy, articles, directories,

16. - Another extensive list of shops, organizations, rides, advocacy, repair etc.

17. - Links to many other links

      a. - Products
      b. - Mail order products

18. - Solid site with links

19. - Another solid site dedicated to travelers in the Americas, also links to advice etc.

20. - A website which deals with some of the physiological and other related elements

21. - The Farmer’s Almanac and a long-range weather forecast


VI. Various books about bike trips, quotes etc.

1. - A collection of books related to some travels on a bicycle

2. - Quotes related to bicycling

3. - The author whose book, Undaunted Courage provided a first-rate account of Lewis & Clark’s expedition.  Sadly, he recently passed away of cancer.  

Lewis & Clark

1. - History and lots of information on some of the Native American tribes
2. - Links to events and dates during the travels
3. - Very basic information designed for children
4. - Extensive list of all links to stuff related to Lewis & Clark (go to bottom of page for full list)
5. - A listing of several trails including Lewis & Clark, brief narrative, map and some pictures
6. - Missouri Historical Society’s links to Lewis & Clark
7. - Great photos as well as a few links

8. - A good site with what appears to be lots of information

9. - GPS coordinates and quotes for the many sites that L&C visited

10. - Two cyclists who completed a similar trip

11. - Lots of information for stuff to see and do along the trail including lodging, trail information, supplies, etc.

12. - Some basic FAQ's

13. - Company offering tours along historic trails

14. - Good site for general information on the expedition
15. - A link that appears to focus on the Rocky Mountain part of the trip with information on lodging etc.

16. - Assorted links to Lewis & Clark information

17. - Great site with a good listing of links and brief journals by some Southern California school kids who rode the Lewis & Clark trail by bicycle

18. - A good listing of the sites to visit along the trail and accompanying links to some of these places


VIII. Lewis & Clark journals


1. - The journals of Lewis & Clark


IX. Lewis and Clark maps of the journey


1. - Details of the trail

2. - The whole trip including Lewis's route to St. Louis
3. - Possibly the actual version completely by Lewis & Clark
4. - A basic map of the trip, but it does have links to other maps

5. - A selection of good maps

6. - PBS’s maps of the trip


X. Future rides


1. - An annual trip in the Colorado Rockies

2. - Ragbrai, the well-known annual bicycle trip across Iowa

3. - Kopelli's Trail, Grand Junction to Moab and Road Cycling from Old Fort to Hickory Nut Gorge, North Carolina

4. - Bicycling Cuba

5. - In addition to the Lewis & Clark Trail, they have the Oregon Trail route

Last Update: May 1, 2003